"Feral Age" - a new large-scale piece inspired by ideas of rewilding and the reclamation of nature. This was one of the most difficult and complex images I’ve ever worked on, taking almost a year to create and containing hundreds of layers of my own imagery from Washington DC, the Everglades, botanical gardens, zoos, aviaries, and natural history museums. It is one of the centerpieces of my exhibition, “Slow Apocalypse” currently on view at UMOCA.

“In the bright distance, like the city on the hill, the sunlit dome of the U.S. Capitol gleams. Birds soar, and a surprisingly close moon appears through the clouds. In the dark foreground, meanwhile, where the viewer presumably stands, monsters roam and battle with each other: denizens of the wild like buzzards, crocodiles, and boars, including some that seem like throwbacks — or forwards? — to dinosaurs. Turn back to the promise of the distant monument, and overlooked signs of abandonment and decay come into focus. Near ground level, some obscure violence seems to be taking place. In the foreground, meanwhile, a weathered, abandoned traffic signal speaks of a breakdown in civilized order, spelling out a ghostly story of a technological animal that came, prospered for a moment in that far sun, and then vanished into eternal dark.”  - 15 Bytes Review
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