"Visions", a large-scale panoramic image created using desert imagery of cactuses, hoodoos, and rock formations that I photographed on recent trips to southern Utah and the Valley of Fire. With this piece I wanted to experiment and take my work in new directions, both technically and aesthetically. Much of my past work has explored the conceptual boundary between photography and illustration, taking advantage of digital imaging tools to create new worlds with my photographs. I’m very fascinated by the term “magic realism”, used in art and literature to “depict a realistic view of the world while also adding or revealing magical elements.” I wanted to incorporate this concept into my images, and portray otherworldly scenes inspired by science fiction and mythology. For this project, my goal was to push this idea even farther, and create even more surreal work that challenges photographic perceptions of reality versus illusion.​​​​​​​
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Detail 4
Detail 5
Detail 6
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